For Maya Babiszewska-Boyle, light is color.

By blending the right hue with the right shade and the right tint, she reorganizes perspective, aiming for a depiction of reality different than how the eye or the camera might see it, yielding paintings that appear simple, but are subtly complex.

“I like to see beauty in the world as well as create and appreciate it. I love cinema, images and color. Colors fascinate me – they are the most important element of my paintings. I am always looking for the juxtaposition of colors within any composition.”

As a girl in her native Poland (she moved to California in 2000), painting began for Maya before memory, and drawing before walking. She carries images in her mind, remembering many places and situations by their colors.

Maya holds Masters of Fine Arts and Masters of Arts Education degrees.  She also has received multiple painting awards from the University of Silesia in Poland and has exhibited both in Europe and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her paintings have found homes all over the World. You can find an interview with Maya on YouTube . . .

Maya lives in Bay Area with her husband and daughter.